As we age, we lose facial volume. Everything, including muscle, bone and fat, starts to shrink.  Unfortunately, the skin does not shrink with it and begins to descend. A surgical facelift is the gold standard for patients who want to lift and turn back the clock with comprehensive treatment. Those patients who want to avoid the downtime a surgical facelift requires opt for a liquid facelift. 

Dr. Yogita Kashyap is pleased to offer liquid facelifts in NYC. Her goal is to return the attention to the eyes and cheeks while slimming and re-contouring the lower face.

Her technique combines multiple modalities including Botox®dermal fillers, and Kybella® to lift create smooth facial contours.    

Dr. Kashyap is dedicated to natural-looking results. She requests patients bring in old photos to their consultation, so she can determine how to help you look younger, naturally.. 

Your liquid facelift treatment is divided into more than one session. This allows time for the products to settle and allows Dr. Kashyap to precisely fine-tune results. 

Her goal is to help you look and feel relaxed and refreshed, just like a younger version of yourself! 

A liquid facelift lasts up to two years, depending upon each individual. Botox® injections are repeated two to three times per year.

Why Choose Us?

Dr. Kashyap has extensive experience performing liquid facelifts in her midtown Manhattan office. She uses her natural eye for aesthetic and skill in cosmetic treatment to create ideal results. 

Dr. Kashyap determines the exact locations and dosages of filler injections to provide a natural-looking, youthful outcome.

She is a fellowship-trained oculofacial plastic surgeon who completed her residency and fellowship in Ophthalmic Plastic, Reconstructive & Orbital Surgery at The New York Eye and Ear Infirmary, Dr. Kashyap is also a clinical instructor at the Infirmary and a Board-Certified Diplomate of the American Board of Ophthalmology.

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A Liquid Facelift can improve many different signs of aging on the face, including:

  • Thinning lips
  • Lost facial volume
  • Fine to severe creases, folds, lines, and wrinkles
  • Nasolabial folds from the nose to the mouth (laugh lines)
  • Marionette lines from the mouth to the chin
  • Vertical lines on the upper lip
  • Drooping mouth corners
  • Hollowed or flattened cheeks
  • Hollowed temples
  • Dark circles (tear troughs)
  • Sagging jowls

During your consultation and detailed examination with our facial specialist, Dr. Kashyap will carefully assess whether you are a good candidate for a liquid facelift.  If you have severe signs of aging, she may suggest surgery so you can achieve your desired look.

Most people in good general health are candidates for this non-surgical procedure, but please let Dr. Kashyap know if you have a history of cold sores.

Prior to your treatment, please avoid aspirin and ibuprofen for two weeks if your  primary doctor allows it. Oral Arnica and Bromelain are recommended three days before the treatment. These preparations will help to prevent bruising from the injections.



Dr. Kashyap offers a variety of injectable products to create beautiful results during liquid facelift treatment. Each has its own properties.

Botox® is used for lines and wrinkles caused by muscle activity, while dermal fillers and facial fat grafting are used for wrinkles and other signs of aging that are caused by lost facial volume.

This injectable is used only for lines and wrinkles that are caused by muscle activity, such as crow’s feet and frown lines. Botox® is a neuromodulator that relaxes the muscles which crease skin during facial expressions. 

The Juvéderm® family of fillers includes: Vollure, Volbella, Voluma, Ultra, and Ultra Plus.  Some are better for plumping the lips, while others are thicker and perfect for the deeper creases such as nasolabial folds, but all contain hyaluronic acid. The thicker formulas are even capable of filling hollowed cheeks and lifting sagging jowls. Most Juvéderm® formulas last 12-18 months, although this varies depending upon the patient.

Restylane® is a clear gel that can be used to plump the lips (Restalyne Silk), contour cheeks and jawline (Restalyne Lyft®), smooth transitions between different part of the face. Since the area around the mouth is so dynamic, facial aging is often recognized by marionette lines, nasolabial folds and jowls. Restalyne Refyne and Restalyne Defyne are formulated for these areas to allow dynamic movement while maintaining support. These formulas last up 12 months.

This is hyaluronic acid filler has a particularly smooth consistency, making it best for fine lines. It is often used on vertical lip lines, for example, for a subtle effect. Belotero lasts 4-6 months.

This synthetic deoxycholic acid injectable is the only FDA-approved treatment to destroy fat cells in the area under the chin to improve your profile.

Kybella® may be right for you if:

  • You’re bothered by fat under the chin, also known as submental fullness
  • You feel the condition makes you look older or heavier than you actually are.
  • You don’t want to have surgery.
  • You eat well and exercise, but submental fullness does not go away

This filler is best for superficial fine lines. It is often used on vertical lip lines. Belotero along with Restylane® Silk and Volbella are used for micro-infusions of hyaluronic acid into the superficial skin layers to hydrate the skin and promote collagen production. 

Facial fat grafting is partially surgical in that very small incisions are made in the belly or thigh to extract fat cells, which are then treated and injected into the face. The advantage to this method is that there is no chance of an allergic reaction to your own fat, and the results are permanent, compared to the maintenance injections required with fillers and injectables. 


A liquid facelift is a non-surgical anti-aging treatment. The injectables are administered using a thin needle. Dr. Kashyap may suggest that you have two or more treatments to make sure that the result is natural-looking.

We will apply a topical numbing cream or an ice pack to the treatment areas before the injections.

 The dermal Filler formulas also contain Lidocaine, which provides some additional numbing during the treatment.

Dr. Kashyap will administer the injections in the designated areas. You can go home immediately after your non-surgical facial rejuvenation.

Before & After

Juvéderm® Family



No downtime is required for surgery, although you may wish to take a few days off from work in case you experience some mild swelling and bruising. Some people also experience slight redness and discomfort, which can be managed with cold compresses and Tylenol.

Taking Arnica and Bromelain before and after your Liquid Facelift can also provide relief from these temporary symptoms. We ask that you avoid exercise and alcohol intake for 48 hours.

The benefits of the procedure are immediate, however they tend to improve over six weeks as the products take time to settle in. Plan accordingly!

If you wish to improve signs of aging on the face without surgery, call us today at (347) 788-1841 to schedule a consultation with Dr. Kashyap to discuss a liquid facelift at her midtown Manhattan office near Grand Central Station.

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