Vascular tumors such as cavernous hemangiomas, orbital lymphoma, lacrimal gland tumors, cysts, and metastases that have spread from other parts of the body can present themselves in the eye socket. Some inflammatory processes such as sarcoidosis or idiopathic orbital inflammation may also mimic the signs and symptoms of a tumor.

Orbital tumors can present slowly over months or years, with bulging of the eye or a subtle change in the eye position due to pressure from the growth. Some tumors present rapidly and are uncomfortable; this is typical of malignant tumors and should be evaluated by an oculofacial plastic surgeon as soon as possible. Tumors may cause compression of the optic nerve, resulting in vision loss. Imaging such as a CT scan or MRI may be obtained if a tumor is suspected.

Management of orbital tumors should be provided by a physician who is qualified to treat orbital disease. Oculofacial plastic surgeon. Dr. Kashyap is extensively trained in orbital surgery and the management of orbital disease.



Recovery from Treatment for Orbital Tumors 

Most patients only experience mild discomfort after surgery to remove orbital tumors and can resume normal daily activities within a week of their procedure. Tylenol is recommended to ease the discomfort, which should subside within a few days. Arnica and Bromelain are recommended to take prior as well as after surgery to minimize the bruising and swelling of the face.

Minor swelling and bruising generally resolve within one to two weeks of surgery. Cold compresses can help you through the healing period, and we may prescribe antibiotic ointment and eye drops.

Dr. Kashyap will see you for follow-up visits and monitor your healing after your procedure. Please avoid heavy lifting and strenuous exercise for two weeks.

Dr. Kashyap will let you know when it is safe for you to resume wearing eye makeup and contact lenses, usually within one to two weeks.

If you experience dry eye after surgery, we can recommend artificial tears to keep your eyes lubricated.

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