The latest in facial treatments, AquaGold® microchannel technology, delivers serums below the surface of the skin by using microneedles, thinner than a hair and made of 24K gold. The results have been called “magic” and “stunning” in aesthetics review publications and our patients love it!

Learn more about AquaGold® and how it can transform your face in this blog post.

How Does a Gold Glow Facial with AquaGold® Work?

As with many microneedling systems, a Gold Glow Facial with AquaGold® employs a set of 20 tiny needles. However, AquaGold® differs from traditional microneedling treatments which puncture the skin first and then add a topical solution over the freshly wounded area. In comparison, AquaGold® uses finer, hollow needles that allow for direct delivery of the serum below the surface of the skin immediately during application.  This is important, as skin punctures followed by placement of a topical solution is less efficient than microchannel delivery. Allowing time between the needling and the serum application means that the skin may begin to block the newly created puncture wounds, resulting in significantly less efficient delivery of the topical solution.

AquaGold® is painless and uses a small applicator that allows for precision in delivering the correct amount of the solution to the right area of the skin. The serum contains Botox® to help reduce muscular contractions that lead to wrinkle formation, hyaluronic acid, vitamin complexes, and platelet rich plasma (PRP), which has been shown to create additional skin tightness and speed healing. The PRP is actually created from your own blood and massaged into your skin during your AquaGold® treatment. The use of PRP has been shown to be highly effective in enhancing the healing of your skin and your overall results.

What Benefits Can I Expect to See After a Gold Glow Facial?

The AquaGold® microchannel treatment acts in several different ways that are beautifully coordinated to give you amazing results. The hyaluronic acid has a filling and hydrating effect, removing fine lines and wrinkles and plumping the skin. Hyaluronic acid is a substance that our own skin produces naturally to keep the skin hydrated and firm, but our natural production decreases over time with the aging process. AquaGold® treatment can give your face a serious boost, resulting in firmer, dewy-looking skin. The other components of the treatment (vitamin complexes and PRP) act together to:

  • Enhance new skin cell formation.
  • Ease the appearance of discoloration, spots, and lines.
  • Improve circulation to the surface of the skin.
  • Decrease future wrinkle formation.  

Recovery from AquaGold® treatment is minimal and you may return to your daily activities immediately afterwards. Results are visible right away and will even improve in a day or two as your face heals. Some patients choose this treatment annually to renew and refresh their skin, and it is perfectly safe to use repeatedly. Don’t hesitate to get the skin you’ve been dreaming of – AquaGold® is fast, painless, and extremely effective!

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