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Enucleation is a surgery in which the eye is removed while leaving the eye muscles and orbital contents intact. Removing an eye may be necessary when a tumor has been discovered, if a blind eye has become painful, or in the case of severe trauma. Sometimes, removing an eye is the only remaining solution to eliminate pain associated with blindnes. After the eye is removed, an ocular prosthesis is worn in its place. Modern artificial eyes are so well-made that many people will not notice that you have a prosthetic.


Enucleation or evisceration surgery is performed in an operating room under general anesthesia. After the eye muscles are carefully isolated, the eye is removed, and a spherical implant is placed into the eye socket. The eye muscles are attached to the implant to allow motility. A specialized pump is placed behind the implant, and the orbital tissue is sutured closed to cover. A patch is placed over the eye socket, which will be worn for three days. You will be given pain medicine to administer at home via the pump. This eliminates most of the discomfort associated with enucleation surgery. Most of our patients are surprised as to how comfortable they are after surgery.


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