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Eyelid Retraction



When the lower eyelids sit too low on the eye or have a rounded appearance, that is called lower eyelid retraction. This condition may be caused by previous lower eyelid surgery such as blepharoplasty, scarring due to long-term sun exposure or trauma, or thyroid eye disease. Upper eyelid retraction is when the upper eyelid sits too high on the eye and is usually caused by thyroid eye disease or scarring.


There are various ways to surgically correct the retracted eyelid, moving it to a more natural position. Often, a canthoplasty, which is a procedure that secures the outer corner of the eyelid, is performed. A spacer graft such as Alloderm may be placed inside the eyelid to replace lost volume. Sometimes a skin graft or midface lift is necessary to achieve desired results. 


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