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Same Day Stye Specialist

Yogita Kashyap, M.D. -  - Oculoplastic Surgery

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Yogita Kashyap, M.D.

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If you’ve ever had a stye, you probably wished it would disappear as quickly as possible. Yogita Kashyap, MD, and the team at Hudson Face & Eye in Central Park South offer same-day stye treatment. For prompt and effective stye treatment, call our New York City office or book an appointment online today. 

Same Day Stye Q & A

What is a stye?

Also called a hordeolum, a stye is a small, red bump that may develop under your eyelid or at the base of your lashes. Styes can be painful, irritating, and unsightly. 

Fortunately, about 90% of styes resolve with timely medical treatment. Dr. Yogita Kashyap has extensive experience and training in stye treatment.  

What causes styes?

Each one of your eyelids contains about 25 glands (meibomian glands) that produce fluid to keep your eye lubricated. Styes occur when one of these glands gets clogged or infected.

Certain factors may increase your risk of developing a stye, including stress, rosacea, allergen exposure, and a diet high in inflammatory foods like gluten, dairy, and soy. 

What is same-day-stye treatment?

For same-day-stye treatment, first, Dr. Yogita Kashyap will carefully evaluates your eye and reviews your medical history. Then, she will recommend the best course of treatment for you.

Depending on the severity of your stye, treatment may include:

  • Repeated warm compresses for 15 minutes every hour while awake
  • Antibiotic and steroid ointment or eye drops
  • Oral antibiotics


If your stye persists despite treatment, an intervention may be necessary. Interventional treatment for a stye may include:

  • Incision and drainage
  • Surgical removal of the stye
  • Injection of anti-inflammatory medications


Dr. Yogita Kashyap has experience diagnosing and treating styes, she may provide medical treatment through video chat. She may also provide surgical treatment on the same day as your in-person consultation.

What does stye removal entail?

If simple medical management doesn’t resolve your stye, surgical excision may be the best option. Dr. Yogita Kashyap will perform same-day stye removal right in the office with local anesthesia. 

During stye removal, Dr. Kashyap will make a small incision beneath your eyelid. She will drain the stye and remove the capsule. 

Typically, the incision is so small that stitches aren’t necessary, and there’s no visible scar. In rare cases, large styes may need reconstructive surgery. 

Most patients return to work the day after stye removal, but swelling may last up to four weeks. You will need to avoid eye makeup and contact lenses while using the after-surgery topical medication.

For same-day stye treatment, call Hudson Face & Eye or book an appointment online today.