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Kim V.

Dr. Kashyap is the best! I would not see another doctor and I have been to many. I have achieved the best results from her and it shows! A true professional that is skilled in the operating room, office and up on the latest treatments. The staff is always pleasant and knowledgeable. I highly recommend Dr. Kashyap and grateful to have her as my doctor!

 Ben P.

Dr. Kashyap was super informative, kind and helpful. Would recommend to any of my friends/family!

 Janine W.

Dr. Kashyap is an excellent surgeon and doctor. Thorough and caring she communicates every step logically and clearly. She removed an extremely large stye for me and her follow up has been superb


Eliza R. 

Dr.Yogita is the best in the business!
Professional - willing to spend countless time explaining various procedures and making patients feel comfortable!


Adrienne F.

I cannot say enough about my experience with Dr. Kasyap. I knew from the very first consultation, she would be the one to do my surgery. Her kindness, her patience and compassion of my last experience gave me all the more confidence.

The surgery was a complete success!

As far as I’m concerned, there is no better occular plastic surgeon in the city!!


Sara B.

My experience with Dr. Kashyap was, in short, very pleasant. Her office staff is incredibly friendly, responsive, and accommodating. I appreciate the fact they are accessible over text, a favorable and pragmatic approach to effectively communicating with patients. Dr. Kashyap herself is not only highly skilled, but very personable; she is very much attune to the needs/concerns of her patients. Ultimately, I was happy with the results yielded by her skilled hand, and I intend to return again.


Susan G.

10 stars would be great. Dr Kashyap is first of all, very skilled. Her hands are calm and her communication of issues and options is thorough, direct and patient. My husband had a basal cell carcinoma on his eyelid. and Dr. Kashyap did surgery. It was quick and very neat. He is two months post surgery and you would never know he had anything done. Dr Kashyap continues to follow up and always responds immediately to any questions we have.


TheTomato Man

Had eyelid surgery came out great, I would highly recommend Dr Kashyap to anyone needing eye lift surgery



I have had the pleasure of meeting with this awesome doctor three times now and am very happy with my results. I make her part of my travel plans to NYC and love how she takes the time to listen and follows up. I highly recommend to anyone who is looking for a skilled professional with such an important treasure, your face!


Jai S. 

Had the procedure done for the first time. Dr kashyap put me at ease with going over the whole thing in detail.  Which kind off relaxed me through it.  Dr kashyap was so professional and so good at what she does that I felt great through the 45 min process. I had a great experience and cant wait to go for my second sitting.


Nisha R. 

Great visit. So caring and informative. Highly reccommed. Dr. Kashyap takes a holistic treatment approach.


Jason L.

Dr. Kashyap is amazing! She did eyelid surgery when the lids became too droopy and saggy and afterwards, it made me look younger by 20 years.  She took such great care of me and even took my phone call on a weekend when I had questions about my eyes after the surgery. She is truly a caring doctor and excellent surgeon!!!


Jasmit P.

I had a wonderful experience with Dr. Kashyap, she was professional, knowledgable, created a treatment plan- all the great qualities in a physician. On top of the qualities of a great physician Dr. Kashyap also imbibes the qualities of a good human. She was incredibly compassionate about the situation with my eye and how it may impact my future, she made me feel reassured that whatever happened we would handle it together as a team!


Noelia O. 

Was given the red carpet treatment from beginning to end! Dr. Kashyap is absolutely incredible! Leslie is amazing as well!


Christine T.

Dr. Kashyap  is not only a pleasure to spend time with, but she is beyond thorough with her consultations and follow up. I'm so pleased with my results, but in addition to that, I've never had a doctor that was so concerned with their work after the fact. I would highly recommend her to anyone who values their face and their time!


Dana B.

Dr. Kashyap is excellent! We did filler to my cheeks and I love the results. She is a wonderful person and I would recommend her to anyone!



Dr Kashyap, is very professional, kind, and caring.  she recently performed eye surgery to repair a lingering irritation from a previous surgery.  My eye is now back to its old glorious self.  She also performed some minor cosmetic procedures.  I am extremely pleased with the results.  I heartily recommend Dr. Kashyap.


Zahra B.

Dr. Kashyap was extremely attentive, patient and knowledgeable. She gave me all the right advice and made me look my best! So happy with her service and my results.


Youth O.

I met Dr. Yogita Kashyap about last year sometime. For years I was self conscious about my server fatty eyelids and bags do to Graves' disease. Dr. Kashyap was so genuinely concerned and actually cared, and listened to me. Due to my Grave's disease my eye bulged and were often severely dry. On Dec 9 we did Orbital Decompression  Surgery and I must say I am so Happy with the results. My eyes are now even. I no longer have bags and I now look 10years younger. I totally recommend

Dr. Yogita Kashyap for any eye surgery wants and needs.


Robert S. 

Asides from being a great doctor who always makes herself available for her patients, Dr. Kashyap really takes the time to listen and address your concerns. When I fell and hit my head against a wall in the middle of the night, I needed sutures on my eyelid. Dr. Kashyap came in half an hour earlier that same morning just to treat me. You're definitely in good hands with her.


Carmen M.


Brittany S.


Walt L.


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