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Take a Bite Out of Aging With a Vampire Facial

Over time, our skin begins to show signs of aging. This is particularly true for our facial skin, as it is constantly exposed to light and other environmental factors that speed up the aging process. You may begin to experience uneven tone and texture, dark spots, lines and wrinkles, and areas that become “hollowed out” due to fat loss and stretching, sagging skin. Even if you’ve been diligent with your skincare and sunscreen routine, you may reach a point where you feel as though you appear older or more tired than you would like.
Fortunately, there is a highly-effective non-surgical approach to reverse the signs of aging and help restore your youthful glow. Our state-of-the-art Vampire Facial can fully revitalize your skin with almost no downtime!

A Vampire Facial harnesses the powerful properties of the body’s own blood. Through this multi-step facial treatment, your skin is stimulated to enhance new cell growth and collagen production, which combine to give you a glowing, dewy look.
When you first come in for your Vampire Facial, you will have a small amount of your blood drawn. This blood is processed to separate out the plasma, which is rich in platelets and growth factors. Sometimes called platelet rich plasma (PRP), this component of the blood has powerful properties that have been demonstrated to enhance cell growth by signaling important renewal processes. In fact, PRP has been used in sports medicine for years to help the body repair injuries and speed recovery.
After your blood has been drawn, your skin will be cleaned and prepared through microdermabrasion or microneedling to remove the outermost layer of skin cells and stimulate collagen growth. Prepared skin is then treated with the PRP to further stimulate your skin’s natural ability to restore itself and cause your skin to produce new cells and collagen. The final step for your Vampire Facial will be a personalized skin care plan that will help you to achieve and maintain the best possible results.

Your Vampire Facial will benefit your skin in a number of ways, and you will see your skin continue to improve for weeks to come. Healing will be quick – you may experience some redness for a couple of days, but otherwise can return to normal daily activities. It is important that you follow your aftercare instructions to make sure you get the most out of your facial.
You will notice immediate results from your treatment, but your skin will get even better over the coming weeks as it continues to create new cell growth and additional collagen. You can expect that your skin will feel firmer and less droopy, and you will notice a renewed smoothness to your face. Fine lines and discolorations will be improved or erased, and you will notice a youthful, dewy glow. The Vampire Facial is safe to use regularly, and most of our clients return several times per year to maximize their results.

If you are ready for a renewed complexion and to erase the signs of aging, contact Hudson Face and Eye at 347.788.1841 to schedule your Vampire Facial today.

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