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Refresh your skin after summer with our CO2 laser

Summer is the season of fun – backyard or rooftop barbeques, outdoor events, playing outside, beach trips, and long warm days!  Even though we may really enjoy our outside time during the summer, this season can wreak havoc on our skin.  Even if you wear sunscreen, and reapply every few hours you can still see the aging effects on the skin.

Age spots
Fine Lines
Uneven skin tone
After the fun of summer has passed, you may be in search of a way to regain your smooth, bright, and youthful appearance.

While protecting yourself from the sun with physical sunblock (hats, long sleeves, sunglasses) and topical sunblock are good practices that go a long way towards preventing sun damage, there are also a few options for reversing the sun damage. In particular, lasers can be used to remove pigmented spots, soften fine lines, and improve skin texture and pores  The most effective option for refreshing your face is our customizable laser facial.

How does laser facial treatment work and what are the benefits?
A laser facial is performed using a fractionated CO2 laser combined with vitamins and platelet-rich plasma teeming with growth factors that can freshen up the skin for a red carpet glow.   It resurfaces the skin and can be customized to go deeper to treat fine lines, deeper lines as well as acne scars. As the tissue heals, new skin cells are made and the face is stimulated to produce more collagen and elastin, compounds that enhance the fullness and the youthfulness of the skin.

You can expect an evening and brightening of the skin tone, minimizing of color and texture irregularities, and reduction or softening of scars or wrinkles. Also, because the laser treatment enhances collagen and elastin production, patients also often experience moderate tightening of the facial skin in general, especially the eyelid regions. The eyes are the first of your features noticed by others, and eyelid tightening can take years off your face!

What can I expect during recovery?
The fractionated CO2 laser treatment is performed in our office, and you can expect to go home the same day.  Initially, your face will be red and dry for a couple of days as it is healing. In order to maximize your comfort during these first few days, we recommend serums and topical ointments on the face. We will also make sure you fully understand all instructions for care as your skin heals over the next couple of weeks. Most patients return to normal activity within 7-10 days is important to follow our after-care recommendations to promote optimal healing.  When you are careful to protect your skin following the CO2 laser treatment, you can enjoy refreshed, younger-looking eyes and face for years after the procedure!

If you are ready for after-summer facial rejuvenation, contact us at 347.788.1841 to schedule a consultation today!

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